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We Are Breast cancer uk

Birds & Boobs is part of Breast Cancer UK and we are the only UK cancer charity that focuses on all aspects of breast cancer prevention, including diet, lifestyle, and exposure to harmful chemicals found in everyday products and the environment.

We are breast cancer uk

Why prevention

Every year 56,000 people are diagnosed with breast cancer but at least 30% are preventable.

Reduce your risk

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Answer a few lifestyle questions. Get a personalised action plan to help you reduce your risk.

Our Designer


The branding, strategy and design of the apparel itself was brought to life by Rhona Breeze-Lawlor from Breezign, a designer passionate about creating a positive impact through creativity.

The Birds and Boobs brand is centred around positivity, strength and empowerment, with everything from the logo mark, to the typeface, to the brand messaging designed to make the wearer feel strong, fierce and beautiful, and part of the Birds and Boobs flock.